The shoes which form the part of the Adidas Wings range are inspired by the 80s basketball style. The shoes were designed by an American fashion designer - Jeremy Scott. He is the only man in the fashion industry having such an interest in designing sneakers. The sneakers were brought into the market towards the fall of the year 2008. The collaboration between the German giant Adidas and Jeremy Scott proved to be successful as the collection was loved by many, especially the celebrities. The fashion forward people Adidas Wings were also running from store to store looking forward to buy these shoes.

The shoes were comparable with an older model of sneakers manufactured by Adidas. These Adidas wings literally had wings stylishly attached at the laces whereas some had them at the back. This was one of the most unconventional designs that had ever been made. The shoes had a rather Adidas Wings offbeat and angelic look. The wings attached were removable. The shoes also had vanity lacing along with the coloring which gave out a futuristic vibe despite maintaining their retro look impressively.

The Jeremy Scott shoes were the most representative series ever made and had set up Adidas Wings a high benchmark which was never met by any other designer or shoe manufacturer. The wings in those shoes could be easily related to Hermes, the Greek messenger god. According to the ancient Greek myths, the messenger god or the angel of gods wore sandals that had wings attached to them which helped him to fly.

This unique footwear range of Adidas wings also featured some designs which used transparent soft plastic as the material, thus making the shoes see-through. Even though they were transparent, they still were available in different colors. Some people might find them quirky but they would Adidas Wings definitely turn many heads on the streets. Some might even envy you for your fashion forwardness. The Jeremy Scott shoes line has bought out newer and more unique designs every year.

In the year 2011, they introduced a new pair of sneakers that had a teddy bear Adidas Wings attached to them. Later, a similar range with monkeys in place of bears was also brought out. People had varied reactions to these shoes, either they liked them a lot or they hated them. These designs with the bear and the monkey were furry and had two hands and a complete face with a tongue sticking out. In the subsequent years, they introduced shoes with triple tongues and fire blowing out of the iridescent sneakers. Recently, Adidas also had to withdraw one of Adidas Wings their shoes from the market as it had shackles with them; most of the people related them with racism and slavery.

Their 2013 Jeremy Scott sneaker collection has got shoes with hologram Adidas Wings and pink poodles. The brand has also brought out an apparel range with designs completely inspired by their earlier range of sneakers and even extracting the prints present on them.

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